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Beej Band | Country Mallow

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  1. Bala Beej Powerhouse: Awafi Mill Beej Band encapsulates the potent essence of Bala Beej, renowned for its holistic health benefits and traditional medicinal uses.

  2. Country Mallow Excellence: Sourced from the heartleaf of Sida cordifolia, this product taps into the centuries-old wisdom surrounding Country Mallow to bring you a natural wellness solution.

  3. Tupkaria Richness: Awafi Mill Beej Band boasts the richness of Tupkaria, providing a valuable addition to your health and wellness regimen.

  4. Natural and Pure: Our product is derived from high-quality sources, ensuring its purity and authenticity, making it a natural choice for those seeking genuine herbal supplements.


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Embark on a journey towards holistic well-being with Awafi Mill Beej Band, a powerhouse supplement harnessing the natural goodness of Bala Beej, Country Mallow (Sida Cordifolia), and the richness of Tupkaria. Sourced from the heartleaf of Sida cordifolia, this product draws on the centuries-old traditional wisdom surrounding Country Mallow, a plant revered for its holistic health benefits and medicinal properties. Awafi Mill Beej Band is meticulously crafted to deliver the purest form of Bala Beej, ensuring a natural and unadulterated supplement that aligns with your wellness goals.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond mere sourcing – each batch is carefully processed to preserve the inherent goodness of Country Mallow and Tupkaria. As you explore the benefits of Awafi Mill Beej Band, you are embracing a natural and pure solution for overall health and vitality. Whether you are a wellness enthusiast or someone seeking herbal alternatives, our product stands as a beacon of authenticity, providing you with the goodness of nature in a convenient form. Elevate your well-being with Awafi Mill Beej Band, a testament to the synergy between tradition and modern health practices.