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Shelled Entada Rheedii Seed | Dream herb

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  1. De-Shelled Simplicity: Awafi Mill presents De-Shelled Entada Rheedii Seed, offering the convenience of ready-to-use African Dream Herb Pulp for a seamless and tranquil bedtime ritual.

  2. African Dream Herb Magic: Experience the enchanting properties of the African Dream Herb, known for its traditional use in promoting vivid dreams and aiding in dream recall.

  3. Natural Relaxation: Incorporate De-Shelled Entada Rheedii Seed into your nighttime routine for a calming experience, supporting relaxation and restful sleep.

  4. Premium Quality Assurance: Awafi Mill ensures the purity and potency of our African Dream Herb Pulp, sourced and processed with meticulous care to preserve its natural magic.


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Awafi Mill invites you to unlock the magic of tranquil nights with our De-Shelled Entada Rheedii Seed, featuring the enchanting African Dream Herb Pulp. This unique product simplifies the bedtime ritual, offering the convenience of de-shelled seeds ready for use, providing a seamless and soothing experience.

The African Dream Herb has a rich history of traditional use, celebrated for its ability to induce vivid dreams and aid in dream recall. Awafi Mill brings you the pure essence of this magical herb, allowing you to incorporate its natural properties into your nighttime routine. Experience the calming effects of De-Shelled Entada Rheedii Seed, supporting relaxation and contributing to a restful night’s sleep.

Our commitment to quality ensures the purity and potency of our African Dream Herb Pulp. Sourced and processed with meticulous care, Awafi Mill provides you with a premium product that preserves the natural magic of the African Dream Herb. Elevate your bedtime experience and embark on a journey of tranquility with the finest De-Shelled Entada Rheedii Seed from Awafi Mill, where relaxation meets excellence.


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