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Dragon’s Blood | Incense Resin

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1.High-Quality Incense Resin: Awafi Mill presents Dragon’s Blood Incense Resin, known for its natural aroma.
2.Southeast Asian Origin: Sourced from the dragon’s blood tree native to Southeast Asia, ensuring authenticity.
3.Aromatic Essence: Dragon’s Blood incense boasts a robust and captivating scent, perfect for rituals and meditation.
4.Versatile Uses: Ideal for creating incense sticks, cones, or powders, enhancing your spiritual practices.
5.Safety Precautions: When burning, use a fireproof incense holder, and ensure proper ventilation to avoid inhaling smoke.


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Elevate your spiritual practices and create a serene ambiance with our premium Awafi Mill Dragon’s Blood Incense Resin. Crafted with care, this natural resin has been cherished for centuries for its enchanting aroma and sacred properties. Dragon’s Blood Incense Resin is derived from the resin of the dragon’s blood tree, native to Southeast Asia. This fine resin is carefully extracted by making a precise cut in the tree’s bark, after which it is meticulously dried and ground into a fine powder.


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