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Dried Amla | Indian Gooseberry

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  • Dried Amla
  • Crafted through careful dehydration
  • Maintains the essence of Indian gooseberries
  • Mildly sweet and tangy flavor
  • Versatile for snacking or culinary use
  • Adds a unique twist to salads and recipes
  • Burst of natural goodness
  • Compact and convenient for on-the-go snacking


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Explore the natural goodness of Dried Amla, a simple yet versatile addition to your culinary repertoire. Crafted through a careful dehydration process, these dried Indian gooseberries maintain the essence of amla without any additives.

With a mildly sweet and tangy flavor, Dried Amla is perfect for snacking or incorporating into a variety of dishes. From adding a unique twist to your salads to infusing your recipes with a hint of tartness, these dried fruits offer a burst of natural goodness.

Compact and convenient, Dried Amla serves as a wholesome snack or a flavorful ingredient for creative culinary ventures. Enjoy the simplicity and versatility of Dried Amla as you explore new ways to elevate your snacks, meals, and desserts with the distinct taste of this dried fruit.


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