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Dried Black Lemon Slices | Citrus limon

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Premium quality dried black lemon slices
Ideal for potpourri and decorative purposes
Deep, dark color adds an elegant touch to your decor
Intense citrus aroma for a delightful fragrance
Versatile for crafting unique potpourri blends
Handpicked and carefully dried for optimal preservation


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Elevate the ambiance of your living space with our Dried Black Lemon Slices crafted exclusively for potpourri decor. These premium-quality slices boast a deep, dark hue, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch to your surroundings. The intense citrus aroma emanating from these carefully dried slices creates a delightful fragrance, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Ideal for decorative purposes, these black lemon slices are versatile and perfect for crafting unique potpourri blends. Each slice is handpicked and meticulously dried to preserve its optimal fragrance and appearance. The absence of artificial additives or preservatives ensures a pure and natural addition to your decor.


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