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Dry Ginger | ZANJABEEL

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Premium Quality: Awafi Mill offers the finest Dry Ginger, known as (ZANJABEEL) in Arabic, sourced for its premium quality and authentic taste.
Whole Rhizome: Our Dry Ginger is presented in its whole rhizome form, ensuring that you get the complete and unadulterated goodness of this spice.
Sun Dried: The ginger undergoes a meticulous sun-drying process, enhancing its flavor profile and preserving its natural properties.
Versatile Usage: Ideal for both culinary and medicinal purposes, our Dry Ginger adds a warm and aromatic touch to a variety of dishes and beverages.
Traditional Arabic Spice: ZANJABEEL is a staple in Arabic cuisine, known for its distinctive flavor and contribution to both sweet and savory dishes.


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Awafi Mill presents the essence of (ZANJABEEL) with our premium Dry Ginger. Sourced for its quality and authenticity, this whole rhizome undergoes a sun-drying process to preserve its natural properties and enhance its flavor. A staple in Arabic cuisine, Dry Ginger adds warmth to both sweet and savory dishes. Beyond its culinary delight, ginger is renowned for potential health benefits, making it a versatile spice for everyday use. Conveniently packaged for freshness, Awafi Mill’s Dry Ginger invites you to explore the richness of Arabic culinary heritage and elevate your dishes with a touch of warmth and tradition.


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