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Juniper Berry Essential Oil From Turkey

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Extracted from the berries of the Juniperus communis plant
100% pure and natural
Distinctive woody and slightly sweet aroma
Versatile for use in aromatherapy
Suitable for diffusers and humidifiers
Can be blended with carrier oils for massage



Experience the pure essence of nature with our Pure Juniper Berry Essential Oil. Derived from the berries of the Juniperus communis plant, this oil boasts a 100% natural and undiluted composition, ensuring the highest quality for your aromatic endeavors.

Immerse yourself in the unique fragrance of juniper berry, characterized by its woody and slightly sweet aroma. Versatile and captivating, this essential oil is perfect for elevating your space through aromatherapy. Whether used in diffusers or humidifiers, its distinctive scent adds a touch of the outdoors to your surroundings.

Unleash your creativity by incorporating this essential oil into DIY projects. From crafting personalized scents to enhancing homemade candles and potpourri, the possibilities are endless. Packaged in a dark glass bottle to preserve its potency, our Pure Juniper Berry Essential Oil comes with a convenient dropper for easy and precise application.


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