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Moringa Powder | Indian Oleifera Leaves

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Premium Moringa Powder: Awafi Mill offers a premium Moringa Powder made from 100% pure Oleifera leaves, ensuring the highest quality.
Farm Fresh: Sourced from reputable farms in India, our Moringa Powder captures the freshness of the Moringa Oleifera plant.
Raw and Untouched: The Moringa leaves are processed in their raw and untouched form, preserving their natural goodness and nutritional content.
Versatile Usage: Ideal for incorporating into smoothies, drinks, tea, and various recipes, our Moringa Powder adds a nutritional boost to your daily diet.
Resealable Bag: Packed in a convenient resealable bag, our Moringa Powder stays fresh and easy to use, allowing you to enjoy its benefits over time.



Awafi Mill presents the finest Moringa Powder, crafted from 100% pure Oleifera leaves sourced from reputable farms in India. Our Moringa Powder is raw and untouched, preserving the plant’s natural goodness and nutritional content. Ideal for smoothies, drinks, tea, and various recipes, this versatile powder comes in a resealable bag for convenience. Rich in nutrients and known for its potential wellness benefits, Moringa Powder from Awafi Mill is a valuable addition to your daily diet. Elevate your culinary creations and well-being with the premium quality of Awafi Mill Moringa Powder.


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