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Olive Dried Leaf | Greek Olive Tea

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Premium Greek Olive Leaves: Handpicked from genuine olive trees in Greece.
Natural and Pure: 100% natural herbal tea with no additives or preservatives.
Traditional Harvesting: Harvested with care to preserve the essence of Greek olive leaves.
Sun-Dried Excellence: Leaves are sun-dried to maintain their flavor and benefits.
Mild and Smooth Flavor: Delivers a mild and smooth flavor profile for a delightful tea experience.



Awafi Mill presents the finest Olive Dried Leaf Herbal Tea, a tribute to the rich heritage of Greek tea culture. Sourced from genuine olive trees in Greece, these leaves are meticulously harvested and sun-dried to preserve their natural goodness. Our herbal tea is 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives, delivering a mild and smooth flavor that captures the essence of Greek olive leaves.

Known for its antioxidant-rich properties, this herbal infusion is more than just a delightful tea; it’s a wellness ritual. The caffeine-free nature makes it suitable for any time of the day, offering you a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation. Versatile and pure, Awafi Mill Olive Dried Leaf Herbal Tea is a taste of Greece in every sip. Discover the tradition and goodness packed into each carefully curated tea leaf.


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