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Palo Santo and Sage Perfume

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Enchanting Blend: Awafi Mill presents a 30ml perfume featuring the enchanting blend of Palo Santo and Sage.
Natural Aromatherapy: Immerse yourself in the natural aromatherapy experience with this captivating fragrance.
Spiritual Harmony: Palo Santo, known for its spiritual significance, combines harmoniously with the earthy notes of Sage.
Lasting Fragrance: Enjoy a lasting and captivating fragrance that accompanies you throughout the day.
Premium Ingredients: Crafted with care, our perfume features high-quality Palo Santo and Sage extracts for an exquisite aroma.


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“Dive into the alluring essence of our Palo Santo and Sage Perfume, a meticulously crafted blend aimed at enhancing your sensory experience and transporting you to a serene dimension. Begin your olfactory journey with the sweet, grounding embrace of Palo Santo, renowned for its calming properties. Aromatic undertones of sage, with its herbaceous notes, seamlessly weave through the composition, achieving a refreshing and purifying balance.

Drawing inspiration from ancient spiritual practices, this perfume encapsulates the essence of sacred rituals, allowing you to carry a serene and connected feeling throughout your day. Committed to using natural and ethically sourced ingredients, our perfume provides a guilt-free indulgence for those who value the grace of conscious living.

Whether embraced as a daily fragrance or incorporated into moments of ritual, the Palo Santo and Sage Perfume stands as a timeless, unisex creation with an elegant aroma. Its enduring longevity ensures a lasting impression, while our cruelty-free and environmentally friendly formulation underscores our commitment to both quality and sustainability.

Embark on a journey of tranquility and authenticity with our Palo Santo and Sage Perfume—a fragrant exploration resonating with the spirit of nature and ancient wisdom. Elevate your senses and embrace the essence of our harmonious creation.”


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