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Sage Leaves Tea | California White Leaves

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Organic California White Sage Leaves: Sourced from the pristine fields, our tea features the finest organic California white sage leaves and clusters.
Distinct Flavor Profile: Awafi Mill Sage Leaves Tea offers a unique flavor profile, with herbal and earthy notes that make every sip a delightful experience.
Wellness Benefits: Known for its potential wellness benefits, sage has been traditionally valued for its natural properties.
Sustainable Sourcing: We prioritize sustainability in our sourcing, ensuring that each cup of tea is a conscious choice for both you and the environment.
Carefully Selected: Our sage leaves are carefully selected and processed to preserve their natural freshness, aroma, and authenticity.
Caffeine-Free Delight: Enjoy a soothing cup of Sage Leaves Tea any time of the day, as it is naturally caffeine-free.
Versatile Usage: Apart from being a refreshing tea, our sage leaves can be used in culinary creations, aromatherapy, or as a fragrant addition to your space.



Indulge in the pure essence of Awafi Mill Sage Leaves Tea, crafted from organic California white sage leaves and clusters. Sourced with care, our tea offers a truly authentic experience, capturing the natural goodness and aromatic richness of sage. Elevate your tea moments with this unique blend, known for its distinct flavor and potential wellness benefits. Awafi Mill takes pride in delivering an organic tea that reflects our commitment to quality, sustainability, and your delightful tea-drinking experience. Join us on a journey of taste and well-being with every sip of our Sage Leaves Tea.


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