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Vervain Leaves | Dried Greek Lemon Verbena

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Premium Quality Vervain Herb:
Awafi Mill presents premium quality Vervain Herb sourced from the finest Greek Lemon Verbena dried leaves.
Experience the richness and authenticity of this aromatic herb, carefully selected to elevate your culinary and wellness experiences.
Aromatic Culinary Delight:
Add a burst of flavor to your dishes with the citrusy and aromatic notes of Greek Lemon Verbena.
Awaken your taste buds with the refreshing essence of Vervain Herb, perfect for enhancing both sweet and savory recipes.
Natural Wellness Infusion:
Embrace the holistic benefits of Vervain Herb as a natural infusion.
Discover the potential properties of Greek Lemon Verbena, offering a soothing and revitalizing experience.
Versatile Culinary Ingredient:
Vervain Herb from Awafi Mill is a versatile culinary ingredient suitable for teas, infusions, desserts, and savory dishes.
Elevate your cooking with the distinctive flavor profile of Greek Lemon Verbena, known for its delightful and aromatic qualities.
Freshness Sealed Packaging:
Our Vervain Herb comes in a freshness-sealed packaging to ensure the preservation of its natural aroma and flavor.
Awafi Mill prioritizes quality, and this commitment is reflected in every carefully packaged batch of Vervain Herb.



Awafi Mill introduces the finest Vervain Herb sourced from Greek Lemon Verbena dried leaves, offering a sensory journey of aromatic delight and natural wellness. Our premium-quality Vervain Herb is curated to elevate your culinary creations and promote a refreshing infusion of well-being.

Known for its citrusy and aromatic notes, Greek Lemon Verbena adds a burst of flavor to both sweet and savory dishes. Awaken your taste buds and explore the versatility of Vervain Herb in teas, infusions, desserts, and various culinary applications.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the freshness-sealed packaging, ensuring that each batch of Vervain Herb preserves its natural aroma and flavor. Awafi Mill invites you to experience the richness and authenticity of Vervain Herb, adding a touch of Greek Lemon Verbena to your culinary and wellness rituals. Elevate your senses with Awafi Mill’s premium Vervain Herb – where quality meets aroma.


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