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White Copal | Citrus Elegance

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1.Aromatic Bliss: Awafi Mill presents (Ratnaj Al-Luban Al-Abyad Al-Fakhir) White Copal Premium Incense Resin, known for its fresh citrus, mint, and forest aroma.
2.Natural Elevation: Elevate your space and well-being naturally with this premium incense made from copal tree resin.
3.Vanilla Flavored: Enjoy a subtle touch of vanilla in this unique incense blend, adding a hint of sweetness to your ambiance.
4.Time-Tested Tradition: Copal incense has a rich history, originating from Central and South America and cherished for centuries.
5.Your Sanctuary: Create a serene and tranquil atmosphere in your home or sacred space with the soothing scents of copal.


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White Copal Premium Incense Resin is a revered and aromatic natural resin that has been treasured for centuries in various practices. This premium-grade copal resin is harvested from the copal tree, a native species found primarily in the regions of Central America, particularly Mexico.Experience the captivating essence of White Copal Premium Incense Resin, a resinous treasure revered for its purity and fragrance. Harvested from the copal tree in the pristine regions of Central America, this incense resin boasts a translucent, pale appearance, which is a hallmark of its premium quality.

Immerse yourself in the sacred traditions that have embraced White Copal for generations. With its rich history, this premium incense resin has played an integral role in indigenous rituals, shamanic ceremonies, and spiritual practices across the globe. Discover the profound symbolism and significance of White Copal as an offering of reverence and a conduit to the spiritual realm.

Harness the cleansing power of White Copal Incense Resin as you embark on a journey of purification and renewal. When ignited, the resin releases a sweet, woody aroma that is believed to cleanse spaces of impurities.Uncover a profound sense of connection and serenity with White Copal Premium Incense Resin.Invite tranquility and mindfulness into your life as you bask in the serene ambiance created by the fragrant smoke of White Copal.


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