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Aloo Bukhara | Dry Plums

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1.Premium Quality: Awafi Mill presents Dry Aloo Bukhara, sourced and processed to deliver premium quality dry plums.
2.Naturally Fiber-Rich: These dry plums are naturally rich in fiber, offering a delicious and nutritious addition to your diet.
3.Versatile Snacking: Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavor of Aloo Bukhara as a convenient and wholesome snack.
4.Nutritional Benefits: Packed with essential nutrients and fiber, these dry plums contribute to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
5.Culinary Versatility: Use in a variety of culinary creations, including desserts, trail mixes, and more.


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Awafi Mill brings you the finest quality with our Dry Aloo Bukhara, a delightful offering of premium dry plums. Sourced and processed with care, these dry plums are a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence.

Experience the natural goodness of Aloo Bukhara, naturally fiber-rich and bursting with a sweet and tangy flavor. These dry plums make for a convenient and wholesome snack that satisfies your cravings while contributing to your overall well-being.

Awafi Mill Dry Aloo Bukhara is a versatile ingredient that adds a unique touch to various culinary creations. From desserts to trail mixes, the possibilities are endless when you have these premium dry plums at your disposal.

Indulge in the exquisite taste and nutritional benefits of Awafi Mill Dry Aloo Bukhara. Elevate your snacking experience with these premium dry plums that are a perfect blend of quality, flavor, and health.


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