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Washak Magribi | Moroccan Galbanum

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1. Premium Moroccan Washak Magribi Frankincense Resin from Awafi Mill
2. An exquisite blend of resins, herbs, and spices
3. Renowned for its stimulating yet calming smoky aroma
4. Ideal for purifying spaces and creating a soothing ambiance
5. Elevate your senses with the mystical allure of Moroccan incense.


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Washak Magribi Frankincense Resin is a fragrant and precious natural substance that carries a rich history of tradition and ceremonial significance. Harvested from the Boswellia tree, particularly in the Maghreb region of North Africa, this aromatic resin has been revered for its uses for centuries.Our Washak Magribi Frankincense Resin is harvested and sourced from the Maghreb region using traditional and sustainable methods. It is 100% pure and free from additives, ensuring an authentic and unadulterated experience.

Frankincense resin is known for its use in spiritual and religious ceremonies. It is often burned as incense to create a sense of reverence, purification, and connection to the divine.The captivating scent of Washak Magribi Frankincense Resin makes it a desirable ingredient for creating natural perfumes and fragrances. Its earthy and resinous aroma adds depth and character to scents.Embrace the cultural diversity and heritage of the Maghreb region by incorporating Washak Magribi Frankincense Resin into your spiritual and wellness practices. It allows you to connect with ancient traditions and their timeless wisdom.


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